How Efficient Are the Best Solar Panels for Homes? 

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Solar comes up as the best option for a renewable energy source in Pakistan. Responding to this, many homeowners have installed the best solar panels for homes. To get the most of your solar investment, for sure, you need to choose the most efficient one. Well, this can be quite difficult if you have just started switching to solar. So, how to know the efficiency of home solar systems and how efficient are they? Let’s dive in.  

A Brief Intro to Solar Efficiency Rates 

In brief, solar efficiency rate measures how much of the sun’s energy your solar panel can turn into electricity for your home. When you choose the best solar panels for homes with high efficiency, they will generate more electricity. In this context, if your residential solar system is 20% efficient, that means that it can turn 20% of the energy of sunlight into electricity.  

In Lahore, the average daily energy production of a 500-watt solar panel within 5 peak sun hours will be around 2 kWh.  

The Importance of Solar Efficiency  

No doubt, the best solar panels for homes with high efficiency will cost more than lower-rated ones. This also means choosing the right one is about balancing your financial goals with the result you want to achieve. Also, there will be some other considerations like brand and aesthetics you must consider.  

One thing you must note is that if you have unlimited space, efficiency matters less than if you are installing them on a roof. Moreover, higher efficiency reduces the overall cost of a solar system. Plus, the best solar panels for homes with excellent efficiency can lead to faster ROI. Most importantly, home solar systems with higher efficiency can quickly repay the energy used to produce the panels in the first place. 

Understand Solar Efficiency by Type 

There are three main types of solar systems you can choose from the best solar panels for homes. Accordingly, each type can convert sunlight into power at a different efficiency rate.  

What are they? 

Monocrystalline solar panels 

Monocrystalline panels are made from a single silicon ingot sliced into thin wafers. These panels are famous as the most efficient solar rate between 17% to 22%. Hence, if you are looking for the best solar panels for homes with high efficiency, monocrystalline is perfect. 

Photovoltaic solar panels 

The efficiency of photovoltaic solar panels generally ranges from 15% to 17%.  

Thin-film solar panels 

These solar panels are less expensive but also relatively inefficient.  

How to Choose from Reliable Solar Panel Companies?  

When it comes to solar installations, for sure, you want a team that’s experienced, trustworthy, and cost-effective. Yet, with hundreds of solar panel companies to choose from, how can you identify and choose a reliable one? 

Check out some points you should consider: 

  • Certification and licensing of a solar company are highly essential 
  • Check for a solid track record with ample experience in proper installations 
  • Review their customer reviews and testimonial statements 
  • A reliable solar company will offer the best solar panels for homes with substantial warranties  
  • Choose a solar company that provides high-quality, durable solar panels and equipment 

How to Know If Your Home Is Ready for Solar Panels? 

Every single house comes with its specific latitude, shadiness, and specific roof’s pitch. 

So, how to know if your home is ready for solar panels? Below are some points you must focus on! 

Your Roof’s Design   

First, you must evaluate how much room you have on your roof for solar panels. If your roof is up to code, it will be ideal to handle the weight of a solar system easily. Yet, you will need guidance to determine the right angle and tilt for your home solar systems. To understand this better, you can try booking a survey for a site evaluation from a solar company you trust.  

The Climate 

Speaking of the climate, your house’s area matters a lot when installing residential solar systems. The good thing is that we are ling in Pakistan, a country blessed with plenty of sunlight. However, some areas like Faisalabad and Islamabad may still encounter heavy windstorms. Well, you don’t need to worry much. A reliable solar company will help you install your residential solar systems properly to provide efficient solar energy.  

Consider Net Metering 

Net metering is the most common arrangement you can get from the best solar panels for home. It works by selling any surplus power generated by your residential solar systems to the utility company in exchange for credit. As a result, it will offset any electricity you may need to use from the grid. The credit is applied at the rate that you pay for electricity. Ultimately, net metering will lower your electricity bills. 

Summing Up 

Indeed, efficiency matters a lot when choosing from the best solar panels for homes. To get the most of your solar investment, for sure, you need to choose the most efficient one. For this, you can decide whether to use monocrystalline, photovoltaic, or thin-film panels. Accordingly, a reliable solar company will help you decide the most efficient home solar systems you need. In addition, you should consider getting site evaluation to know if your home is ready for solar systems or not.  

So, are you ready to go solar? 


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